Stage Plays

Karen Chattum's "Sixteen"


Karen Chattum's "Sixteen" chronicles the tumultuous relationship between teen newlyweds  Jenae and Gary Williams as they grapple with with effects of substance abuse, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, and HIV.

Karen Chattum's " Can't Nobody Tell It Like I Can"


"Everybody has a story, and can't nobody tell it like I can."  --Ms. Debra -      -Mr. Thomas quickly discovers during his internship with Ms. Chattum that facilitating a support group can be a daunting task, especially when working with the likes of Ms. Sue, Precious, Ms. Debra, Kevin, King James, and Kookie. This group of characters will pull at your heartstrings,  make you double over from laughter, and leave you in a state of sobering reflection as they tell their stories which include the reality of the impact of  HIV/AIDS  and substance abuse.

Karen Chattum's "Hurting Became A Habit"


Karen Chattum’s Hurting Became A HabitIs created to offer creative therapy with a comical twist on the insight of low self-esteem and self-harming birthed by the stigma of HIV, pain of rape, incest, molestation and lack of parental support. The storyline is based on five characters, a counselor, case manager and the four residents of a transitional home for women striving to re-author their stories  and ultimately gain tools that will aid them in dealing with life on life’s terms. Join us as Journey, Ms. Sherrie, Kaweah, Leah, Daesha and Ms. Jewel engage in you their laughs, tears, experiences, realizations and testimonies, while empowering you with knowledge, awareness and hope. 

Karen Chattum's "You Should Have Told Me"


Karen Chattum’s "You Should Have Told Me" introduces a family that truly defines the “dys” in dysfunctional family. Kaliq is a handsome, young entrepreneur, father and faithful husband. However, the unanswered question is faithful to whom? Michael, his partner in crime does not even know him anymore. In his attempt to be loyal, Michael only adds to the chaos as he creates alibi after alibi for Kaliq’s deception. Zein never dreamed of becoming a divorcee. She is a gorgeous, spiritual woman who is devoted to her family and has dreams of becoming the next best-selling novelist. Her life reads beautifully until she discovers that she cannot dictate the behaviors of others the way she can with the characters in her book. Thankfully, Zein has a sister who is full of advice although Serena has not worked out her own man issues. Genesis could not love her father more.  She is a true daddy’s girl who sees the man that she needs her father to be. Sarice is an adoring wife, stunning and a fast rising musical talent. She is the type of wife that a man dreams of coming home to. So, why won’t the love of her life complete their family circle? Her best friends Nikki and Envy discover the answer and are quick to share and offer comfort the best way they know how. Kaliq finally realizes that family and friends are the true foundation of a person’s life, deceitfulness leads to destruction while Zein learns just how powerful grace and mercy can be.