S.P.E.A.K. Up!


Follows the Narrative Therapy Discourse by allowing the participant an opportunity to externalize their challenges rather internalize them as they occur. S.P.E.AK. Up! will offer the participants the opportunity to rely on their writing, singing and acting skills to direct them through a challenging stage in their journey in a safe environment. 

Anger Management Workshop

We S.P.E.A.K. On Purpose! in collaboration with Liberty View Church Of Christ, WESTCARE, 100 Black Men of San Antonio and Big Brothers Big Sisters will educate and offer tools to the youth in our community in regards to dealing with anger management, as well as gun violence prevention/intervention. We are also blessed to have some strong men in our community share their testimonies as they choose to pay it forward to our youth.
Our youth want to be just like someone.
Men, my question is: Is it you?