Executive Director



Karen Chattum, care manager, family violence awareness prevention and intervention specialist is an award winning poet, author, playwright, mentor, and community activist who is taking the literary world by storm. She is the author of Amazon’s Five Star Recipient novel Tired of Being Tired and its’ sequel Full Circle.  Chattum has also written several plays which include “Karen Chattum's Hurting Became A Habit”, “Karen Chattum's Can’t Nobody Tell it Like I Can”, Karen Chattum The Day They Took My Dad", and two award winning productions “Karen Chattum’s Sixteen” and “Karen Chattum’s You Should Have Told Me.” Chattum was named DPI 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient for her efforts.  Through her writing, Chattum simultaneously educates, entertains, and motivates her audience to get involved in the fight against social issues such as domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, and self-harming.  In addition to being an accomplished writer, Karen worked in the community as an HIV activist, HIV tester, and a Back to Care Case Manager for three years.  She recently earned a MA in Human Services with a specialization in Psychology and Sociology.   She is currently the Executive Director of We SPEAK On Purpose, a ministry, with a mission to provide awareness,  educate the community about social issues and linkage to care through theatrical productions and partnering with community agencies. 


The purpose of S.P.E.A.K. is to provide awareness, education, healthcare and social services utilizing theatrical arts, workshops,and community resources.